Activity Information
Recommended Audience General. Works best if there is a mix of international students and domestic students.
Length of Time 90 minutes
Resources construction paper, drawing paper, assorted markers, scissors, tape, glue, pens, writing paper
Number of Participants  20-100
Source of Activity Ken Bus
Purpose team building

Group Work Assignment

Your assignment is to invent a country literally from the ground up! Your group is from country X. Your job is to use the materials on your table to give your country an identity and to describe it to the other groups in the room.

First, give your country a name. Then draw a map of your country and label it. Include the relevant geographical features—mountains, rivers, seacoast, harbor, forests, etc. and name them. Then design and make a flag and compose a national anthem. Then make a chart or table giving important facts about your country. Include the following:

  • Size (land area)
  • System of government
  • Climate
  • Natural resources
  • Energy source
  • Population and demographics

  • Language(s)
  • Religion(s)
  • Style of dress
  • Diet
  • Education
  • Transportation system

  • Sports
  • Holidays
  • Economy
  • Health care
  • Culture
  • Tourist attractions

You have 30 minutes to report back to the entire group. (You might want to divide up the tasks.)