Activity Information
Recommended Audience
International Students, General, Community members, ESL, Campus Community
maximum- 30 minimum-20
Length of Time
1-2 hours
Tables & chairs, podium & PA equipment
Number of Facilitators
2 (per 30 participants)
Source of Activity
Picked up the idea at an International Advising workshop back in 2000
To help build bridges between US students and faculty and international students

In order to raise awareness of the campus community to the importance of International Education and create an environment for cross-cultural communication, Intercultural lunches would help to achieve both of these two goals by bringing people together at the table. Round tables would be set up with four persons sitting at each table. Two Americans and two International or Multicultural persons (students or staff).

After a short presentation, the presenter will present a topic for discussion in order to help the participants start discussing and conversing about the topic. At the end, participants would be required to give their opinion on a piece of paper and share their ideas and suggestions for future workshops and presentations.

Each week a different topic is presented. Also, food served as an important intercultural tool would be from a different region of the world. At the end, the topics and recipes would be put together to share with the campus community.

Presentations can be personal (live), audio or visual (art, movies, etc.). Whenever possible, artists and community leaders would be invited present a topic.