Activity Information
Recommended Audience
Length of Time
2-3 hours
National foods, music, decorations
Number of Facilitators
5-25, depending on the size
Source of Activity
Allow American students to experience international life in a very introductory way, and allow international students and scholars to celebrate their heritage in a public and fun setting

Taste of OSU

Taste of OSU is a program (rather than an activity) which requires at least a month to prepare. First, a large space (a ballroom or gymnasium, for example) needs to be reserved which can accommodate a number of tables, a central congregating area and a dance floor.

Second, a D.J. (or international music entertainer) needs to be booked and make arrangements to provide music and entertainment during the actual event.

At the same time, international students/professors on campus should be invited to prepare food and exhibits from their country. If available, funds should be offered to help defray the cost of food and exhibits. The number of interested groups will determine the number of tables needed in the hall or room, and hence the size of the room.

At the same time, local restaurants, etc, may be asked to donate supplies such as plastic cutlery, napkins, etc.

Advertising is needed to invite the entire campus to the event.

The day of the event, facilitators should be on site a few hours early to set up decorations, help participants set up their tables, and to set up for handing out tickets to attendees at the door. Attendees usually pay a minimal fee to enter ($1) and then buy tickets in any amount they choose. Dishes at the different tables/”countries” are worth a certain number of tickets. Music is played throughout the event, representing the countries whose members are participating.

This program is an introductory “immersion” experience in that, particularly American, participants have the opportunity to experience cultural food and music in a safe and non-challenging setting. Often, this type of activity is helpful preceding a more intensive cultural or cross-cultural experience.