Activity Information
Recommended Audience International Students, Study Abroad, General, Community members, ESL
Length of Time 10-20 minutes depending on the group
  • Ask participants to bring their own photos of be prepared to take their photos on a poloroid camera.
  • Pre-printed sheets of paper
  • Pens or pencils
  • Tape or tacks for posting photos and paper
Number of Participants Unlimited
Source of Activity Colorado State University
Purpose To help participants establish connections

Opening Activities or Icebreakers

"Photo Gallery" Activity - The purpose of this activity is to help participants connect and build relationship with one another. It helps folks share information that might invite a conversation with someone they do not know. It is also a passive activity so it helps participants who are more introverted or learners who are visual or reflective observers.

  • Ask participants to bring a photo of themselves of to have a Polaroid or digital camera( with printer), and take individual photos of all the participants.
  • Hand out sheets of paper with any questions for the participants to complete. Use questions that will help folks establish a relationship with one another. For example:
    • Name:
      I live in___________and do the following there:
      I have lived in:
      I speak:
      My family consists of:
      Favorite food(s):
      In my free-time I:
      One hope I have is:
  • Have participants post their photo and their sheet on a wall using tape or tacks to make a gallery.
  • Ask participants to tour the gallery over the workshop time
  • You can also ask the participants to tour the gallery as a group and ask them to notice who they feel most and least open to knowing in the gallery. Have them reflect on who they feel drawn to getting to know, who they feel is the least likely person who they would approach.