Activity Information
Recommended Audience
International students, community members
Length of Time
Number of Facilitators
Source of Activity
Inessa Stepanenko
To share global concepts through books and friendship with youngsters of Rodriguez Elementary School (RES)
Date Thursday, November 19, 2002
Time 8:30am – 1:30pm
Sponsored By Kliesen International Center, the International Club and Office of
Program Director Inessa Stepanenko, International Student Advisor
Awards Received COOP Grant, implemented by NAFSA, Association Of International Educators and funded by the US Department of State

International students from Our Lady of the Lake University visited Rodriquez Elementary School on the West side of San Antonio. They narrated Folk Tales from their home country. The list of books available were listed on "menus" according to country of origin (Japan, Mexico, Russia). "Waiters" (OLLU international students) read stories chosen by students from the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade, as well as answered questions about their home country. Each elementary school student received a cookie and milk as a treat.

Globe Project COOP Grant Funds $25.00
UN Flag Kit COOP Grant Funds $11.95
Books from COOP Grant Funds $23.73
Books from Half Price Bookstore COOP Grant Funds $150.00
Cookies and Milk for students (by Aramark) COOP Grant Funds $205.00
Children’s Books Half Price Bookstore Donated books valued to $100.00 FREE
Children’s Books Barnes and Noble Donated books valued to $200.00 FREE
TOTAL to us   $0.00

OLLU's campus wide book drive enabled the University to donate all books to Rodriguez Elementary School. Collection stops were located at Kliesen IC, OSLV Office, Cafeteria Hallway, UWAC, Post Office, and the Mail Room. Local bookstores such as Half Price Bookstore and Barnes and Noble were contacted for additional book donations. a total of more than five hundred children's books, educational videotapes and educational software were donated to the Rodriquez Elementary School Library. Other materials included were the Globe Project, UN Flags, displays on the Euro and the latest developments on the International Space Station.

Some of the books used during the “Reading Restaurant” and donated to Rodriguez ES.

Country Book ISBN
Africa Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters 0-688-04045-4
Africa Imo and the King 55664
Africa Young Mouse and Elephant 0-395-73977-2
Arabian Hosni the Dreamer 0-374-33340-8
Argentina The Magic Bean Tree 0-395-82746-9
Bali The Dancing Pig 0-15-301594-9
Brazil How Night Came from the Sea 0-316-30855-2
Central America Miro in the Kingdom of the Sun 0-395-69181-8
Chile Mariano and the Merchild 0-7112-1465-4
China The Beggar’s Magic 0-689-81340-6
China Ling Cho and His Three Friend 0-374-34545-7
China The Topsy-Turvy Emperor of China 0-374-37681-6
China The Man Who Tricked A Ghost 0-8167-3030-X
Czech Republic Golem: A Giant Made of Mud 0-688-13811-X
Egypt The Monster that Grew Small 0-688-06808-1
England Robin Hood 0-8109-4428-6
England Romeo and Juliet 0-8109-3799-9
Germany Rumpelstilschin 0-14-055864-0
Germany The Brave Little Tailor 1-55858-634-2
Germany The Six Servants 1-55858-475-7
Germany Thank you, Brother Bear 0-590-25487-1
Greek Atlanta’s Race 0-395-67322-4
Haiti Bouki Dances the Kokioko 0-15-200034-8
Hutzul 1 eye, 2 eyes, 3 eyes 0-8234-1183-4
India The King’s Chessboard 0-14-054880-7
Ireland O’Sullivan Stew 0-399-23162-5
Ireland Irish Fairy Tales and Legends 1-57098-177-9
Italy Bravo Zan Angelo 0-7112-1256-2
Japan Little Oh 0-688-14208-7
Japan Japanese Children’s Favorite Stories 0-8048-0284-X
Japan Grass Sandals 0-689-80776
Korea The Green Frogs 0-395-68378-5
Korea Benito’s Dream Bottle 0-02-768467-9
Other King Mida’s Touch 0-688-13165-4
Other The Pop-Up Atlas of the World 1-86205-299-9
Other Children Just Like Me 0-7894-0201-7
Other Children Around the World 0-89334-033-2
Other A Bag of Tricks 0-590-11663-0
Other Magical Tales from Many Lands 0-525-45017-3
Other Myths and Legends of the World 0-85881-180-5
Other Three Folktales  
Persia The Rose’s Smile 0-8050-3912-0
Persia The King and the Three Thieves 0-670-88059-0
Persia Aesop’s Fables 0-15-200350-9
Puerto-Rico Crocodile! Crocodile 1-56458-463-1
Russia The Cat and the Cook 0-688-12310-4
Russia Annushka’s Voyage 0-395-64366-X
Russia Vassilisa The Wise 0-15-302261-2
Russia Prine Ivan and the Firebird 0-7710-3300-1
Russia The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship 0-399-21972-2
Spain Don Quixote 1-56402-174-2
Thailand Princess September and the Nightingale 0-19-512481-4
Ukraine Sorotchintzy Fair 0-87923-879-8