Below is a set of online resources for teacher educators and teachers, including knowledge bases and model practices, to help you internationalize your courses and programs. NAFSA is grateful for the support of the Longview Foundation in developing this list.

Title and Link Short Description
Ask Asia features scholarly content about Asia and U.S.-Asia relations; expert K-12 teaching and learning strategies; and useful classroom resources, such as maps, photographs, art images, timelines, and more.
The Africa Guide This page has detailed information on 51 African countries and an outstanding original photo gallery.
Center for Teaching International Relations The mission of the CTIR is "to encourage, mentor and equip K-12 educators to incorporate global studies in their curriculum, and to advocate for and improve international awareness among students and the community at large."
Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching "The Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching (COST) is a voluntary pact of mutual understanding among a group of colleges and universities acting through their schools, colleges, or departments of education to provide opportunities for quality student teaching placement and supervision in a setting outside the United States."
Curriculum 21 is a site developed by Heidi Hayes Jacobs and her team described as "the outgrowth of the work of a dynamic group of educators worldwide attempting to help colleagues transform curriculum and school designs to match the needs of 21st century learners." The Clearinghouse provides links to hundreds of sites for teachers.
EducatorsAbroad Ltd. Global Student Teaching "Since 1989 we have offered 2204 students from 106 colleges and universities in Canada, the UK, and USA professional support and supervision through three to eighteen week individualized placements in 696 primary and secondary schools in 54 countries."
Edutopia "Education as a Vital Global Marketplace Represents the Future. Explore the many ways students are taught around the world."
Global Dimension Based in the United Kingdom. "This website is a guide to books, films, posters and web resources which support global, intercultural and environmental understanding for all age groups and subjects. From climate change to poverty, water to fair trade, you can find a huge range of teaching resources and background material."
The Global Education Collaborative: Helping Teachers and Students Reach the World "This is a community for teachers and students interested in global education. Contribute by adding media, conversation, and collaborative project ideas."
Global Education Conference This website offers presentations, discussion groups, and more to do with the Global Education Conference. "The conference is a collaborative, world-wide community initiative involving students, educators, and organizations at all levels. It is designed to significantly increase opportunities for building education-related connections around the globe while supporting cultural awareness and recognition of diversity."
Global Education Guidelines: A Handbook for Educators to Understand and Implement Global Education (1.3 Mb Adobe PDF) "This document should be regarded as a guide for understanding and practicing global education, also as a pedagogical coaching tool to help establish global education approaches where they do not yet exist and enrich existing ones. Its content was set up taking into account in-field practices and references and cultural, geographic, social and economic realities."
Global Envision for Teachers Lesson plans on globalization.
Global Studies –University of Wisconsin Madison "Global Studies is actively involved in all levels of outreach, with a goal of providing educators and community leaders with the tools to integrate global content into curriculum and community programs, increasing awareness of global issues and better preparing a citizenry for an increasingly interconnected world."
Global TeachNet Global TeachNet is the National Peace Corps Association's primary global education program. The site is aimed at K-12 classroom teachers with profiles of classroom programs, grant applications, newsletters, a listserv, workshop details, an annotated bibliography of global education resources (and resource people).
Globalization and Education: A community resource "Globalization and Education is an internet resource aimed at providing diverse perspectives on ways in which education is being shaped by global processes. Developed by a collective of research students at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, this website provides space for everyone to dialogue pertinent issues relating to globalization and education." A project of the Levin Institute " is dedicated to providing students with information and interdisciplinary learning opportunities on this complex phenomenon. Our goal is to challenge you to think about many of the controversies surrounding globalization and to promote an understanding of the trade-offs and dilemmas facing policy-makers."
Globalizing Teacher Education "Globalizing Teacher Education is a project of the Department of Learning and Teaching in the School of Leadership and Education Sciences at the University of San Diego. This site features a series of video case studies that are designed to encourage conversation among teachers, aspiring teachers, and teacher educators about the role of global education in K-12 classrooms."
iEARN iEARN allows teachers to connect students to projects and dialogue with kids in other countries.
International Children's Digital Library "The ICDL Foundation promotes tolerance and respect for diverse cultures by providing access to the best of children's literature from around the world."
International Education Programs Service: A World of Resources for K-12 Teaching The U.S. Department of Education provides information on their Fulbright-Hays Seminars Abroad program, as well as their Group Projects Abroad program.
Indiana University: Cultural Immersion Projects "The Cultural Immersion Projects - including the American Indian Reservation Project, the Overseas Project, and the Urban Project - are designed to provide classroom and community involvement experiences for student teachers in culturally diverse settings on the Navajo Indian Reservation, in thirteen different countries, and in inner city Chicago."
Latin American Resources for Primary & Secondary Education "This page is designed to provide resources for parents, educators, and students. You will find resources for language, history, and geography classes, among others, as well as many for native speakers of Spanish and Portuguese. There is a vast range of resources on innumerable subjects that could be of use to students, parents, and teachers at the secondary education level."
Lattice "LATTICE is a learning community and international network that cultivates and supports a global perspective in K-12 classrooms through personal and professional development opportunities. It provides international experience by connecting schools to local and international communities and linking internationals to classrooms with visits and emails."
Link TV: Television Without Borders Provides global connections across the planet.
Longview Foundation: Teacher Preparation for the Global Age (2009) "Highlights promising practices identified during this meeting and subsequent discussions and suggests a framework for internationalizing the education of all pre-service teachers and increasing the number of world language teachers, especially in less commonly taught languages."
Model UN Headquarters Information on how to start a Model United Nations at a school.
MSU Global Access "MSU Global Access was a website designed as a portal to information about the world. This portal was formed by multiple websites and other valuable resources that had been selected by professionals and experts from Michigan State University. Moreover, MSU Global Access featured newly-created resources that are intended to make finding the right information even when it seemed impossible to be found."
Multicultural Education Internet Resource Guide "This guide to over 50 web sites was created to assist multicultural educators in locating educational resources on the Internet. World wide access to multicultural information and current events in other regions makes the Internet an important educational tool. Teachers through the internet have access to lesson plans, on-line photo galleries, stories, maps, virtual field trip, international radio programming, and e-mail pen pals."
National Geographic EdNet " EdNet is your one-stop shop for education news, professional development opportunities, resources, discussion, and much more."
Outreach World "A comprehensive one-stop resource for teaching international and area studies and foreign languages in the precollegiate classroom."
Oxfam Education "Oxfam Education offers a huge range of ideas, resources and support for developing the global dimension in the classroom and the whole school. All of the resources here support Education for Global Citizenship - education that helps pupils understand their world and make a positive difference in it."
Partnership for Global Learning "The Partnership for Global Learning is an Asia Society membership network that connects state and district decision makers, school leaders, teachers, university faculty, and other stakeholders. Its focus is to increase the number of American schools offering rigorous international studies curriculum."
Peace Corps Publication: Building Bridges "Thirteen exercises for grades 6 - 12 to help students understand other cultures and promote tolerance for them."
Primary Source "Primary Source promotes history and humanities education by connecting educators to people and cultures throughout the world. In partnership with teachers, scholars, and the broader community, Primary Source provides learning opportunities and curriculum resources for K-12 educators. By introducing global content, Primary Source shapes the way teachers and students learn, so that their knowledge is deeper and their thinking is flexible and open to inquiry."
Rethinking Schools Online "Rethinking Schools is an online urban educational journal dedicated to classroom practice and educational theory. This prominent journal features articles from and for teachers, parents, and students and is known for its activist agenda and attention to key policy issues"
SPICE at Stanford "SPICE is a program of the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies (FSI), an interdisciplinary center at Stanford University that conducts research on key international issues related to security, political economy, the environment, and health policy. SPICE curriculum publications serve as a bridge between FSI and K-14 schools."
Taking IT Global “TakingITGlobal's mission is to empower youth to understand and act on the world's greatest challenges.” They offer global online social network and hub for civic participation, content and tools for educators to facilitate rich, interactive learning experiences, outreach & collaboration tools for events, networks, campaigns, and causes, research, development, and sharing of best practices on youth engagement and facilitated learning experiences through workshops, webinars, and e-courses.
Teachers Without Borders “Teachers Without Borders connects teachers to information and each other to create local change on a global scale.…we provide free resources and tools to help teachers around the world learn, connect, collaborate, and create online; in schools or community centers, in workshops and seminars. We remove barriers to availability, accessibility, acceptability, and adaptability, through high-teach, high-tech, and high-touch programs and platforms.” Online Resources for Global Educators "This site aims to provide K-12 teachers with easy access to high quality scholarship, primary sources, and web-based connections to five world regions, global issues and work in global education. . . . is the product of collaboration between Ohio State University’s Social Studies and Global Education program with OSU’s African Studies Center, East Asian Studies Center, the Center for Latin American Studies, the Middle East Studies Center, the Slavic and Eastern European Studies Center."
ThinkQuest "ThinkQuest is a complete learning environment for primary and secondary schools." Among other resources, ThinkQuest allows you to "connect with peers around the world and embark on a journey of discovery and innovation."
Title VI Centers "Search our database of National Resource Centers by global region, U.S. region and university affiliation and find out about their outreach activities."
United Nations Cyberschoolbus The United Nations Cyberschoolbus is a website about global issues and the UN, for students ages 5-18 and their teachers.  
University of Northern Iowa: International Student Teaching "Students who choose to teach out-of-state or in another country find cross cultural and multicultural experiences in teaching and learning. Students have been placed in 40 states and 33 countries where they develop global concepts and personal/professional growth. All teaching is done in English unless otherwise requested. Student teachers are closely supervised through an on-site university supervisor or a UNI student teaching coordinator."  
World History For Us All "World History for Us All is a powerful, innovative model curriculum for teaching world history in middle and high schools."
World Links "World Links' innovative award-winning programs provide developing countries with capacity-building and self-sustaining school-based, ICT-related solutions that transfer skills and create measurable, exponential impact."
World Savvy "World Savvy educates and engagesyouth in community and world affairs, to learn, work and thrive as responsible global citizens in the 21st century. We support systemic change in K-12 education to provide every student in every classroom with the content knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to be leaders and changemakers in their diverse communities, locally and globally."
World Wise Schools "Bring dozens of Peace Corps Volunteer stories, letters, and folk tales with standards-based lessons to your class. Also discover ways to involve students in service learning."

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