Italian flagNote: These processes are subject to change. Please visit the website of the particular consulate for information specific to that consulate.

General Updates

Students should check the specific requirements of the consulate in their jurisdiction. Some updates by consulate are included below as they become known to the CAL subcommittee, however, the consulate is the authoritative source on what is required for their visa application process.

May 2021
As of December 2020, only students whose program of study exceeds 150 days must apply for a permit to stay (Permesso di Sogiornno). The student visa must be obtained prior to departure and the permit to stay application must be submitted within 8 days of arrival. A permit to stay packet can be picked up at an Italian Post Office. The cost varies depending on length of stay and visa status but should cost approximately 117.96 Euro.

January 2021

Some airlines began designateing special COVID flights in coordination with Italian entrance requirements. Flyers must have a negative PCR COVID test taken within 72 hours of the flight, another negative rapid test at the hub airport, and a third negative rapid test on arrival. Persons on these flights are not required to quarantine upon arrival in Italy. If they miss these flights or are rerouted on non-COVID flights, they will be required to quarantine upon arrival.

Students should contact their airline ahead of departure to discuss any additional documentation/requirements. Individual airlines may have their own requirements for COVID tests or COVID flights that are different from Italy's requirements. it is important to verify with the airline what their requirements are and to follow up within 24-36 hours of departure. COVID testing requirements can and have changed with little notice, resulting in students needing additional last minute tests.

February 2016
At the end of December 2015 the Italian Parliament passed the 2016 Stability Act. This act introduces a consular fee on type D Study Visa applications (study purposes over 90 days). This fee is due at the time of application and payment options may vary according to consulate. It is important to note that short term visas (type C) remain free.

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