The Department of State (DOS) announced that effective January 1, 2008, the following fee hikes will be implemented:

  • The Machine Readable Visa (MRV) fee charged to nonimmigrant visa applicants will increase to $131 (a $31 hike).
  • The fee to process a border crossing card (BCC) will increase to $131 (a $31 hike)
  • The fee to process an immigrant visa (IV) will increase from $335 to $355 (a $20 hike).

In a separate notice (that NAFSA has attached to the regulatory notice in this library item), DOS stated that applicants who paid the prior $100 MRV fee before January 1 will be processed only if they are scheduled and appear for a visa interview before January 31, 2008. Applicants who paid the prior $100 MRV fee and appear for visa interviews after January 31, 2008, must pay the difference - $31 - before they will be interviewed.

DOS is required by law to attempt to recover the cost of processing visas, and DOS says the fee hike is due to the cost that the FBI will charge DOS to review the 10 fingerprints now being collected from each visa applicant.