NAFSA Comments on USCIS Regulatory Refresh Rule

NAFSA submitted comments on a final USCIS rule that the agency published to make USCIS regulations more compatible with the electronic filing processes planned under the USCIS Transformation Program.

Focusing on new language in the rule which specifies that an applicant or petitioner must "continue to be eligible through adjudicationā€¯ of a benefit request, NAFSA's comment encourages USCIS to ensure that USCIS processing times do not result in penalties to petitioners and applicants.

USCIS published the rule as a final rule with request for public comment, so it will take effect on November 28, 2011 as originally published on August 29, despite the opportunity for public comment.

NAFSA Comments on USCIS Regulatory Refresh RuleNAFSA2011-10-27NAFSA Comments on USCIS Regulatory Refresh PDF