There are a number of electronic networks that focus on education abroad. Some of them are interactive while others simply send information to your e-mail address. The listservs below are targeted at specific audiences or focus on specific topics.

In addition to these resources, NAFSA members can participate by e-mail or online at a level of their choosing in Professional Network Discussion Forums.

  • The Education Abroad Mid-career Initiative is a pan-organizational group of professionals with 5-plus years of experience in the field of education abroad and a long-term commitment to international education. The aim of the listserv is to identify and network with each other in order to create a cohort to raise awareness of common issues and promote advocacy as a group. Subscribe now.

  • Newcomers Initiative: This group is a national initiative to connect new education abroad professionals to others in the field. "Newcomer" is defined as people who are new to international education; however, anyone who identifies as a newcomer is welcome. This is not a group designed to help recent graduates break into the field but rather a group to help those already in the field grow into future leaders.

  • REPRESENT-L provides a place for professionals interested in discussing issues of underrepresentation in education abroad. To join, send a blank e-mail message to [email protected].

  • SECUSSA-CC is a broad network of community colleges that support study abroad on their campuses. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail message to [email protected].

  • WIVA-L provides a forum for education abroad advisers to exchange information about international work, internships, volunteering, and careers. To subscribe, send an e-mail to the committee chairs at [email protected] with "WIVA-L" in the subject line.

  • NAFSA's Professional Networks: Discover new ideas, practice resources, relevant training and events, and the latest news about your particular professional area. Seek advice or share your thoughts by participating in NAFSA's 16 professional networks and two special focus networks sponsored by NAFSA's five knowledge communities.