Comprehensive Internationalization: From Concept to ActionComprehensive Internationalization: From Concept to Action
By John K. Hudzik
This publication presents a thorough introduction to the emerging imperative of a broader scope and scale of internationalization. This e-publication examines the challenges and potential pathways that can be taken toward comprehensive internationalization.

New Approaches to Cooperation with Latin America
By Charlotte West
While increased student mobility and research collaboration between Latin America and the United States is beneficial for both regions, many institutions face consistent challenges attracting students. This e-publication offers recommendations for improved collaboration and strengthened global partnerships.

Public-Private Partnerships
By JoAnn S. McCarthy
What constitutes a public-private partnership, how they function, what are the challenges they present and the potential benefits they offer? In "Public-Private Partnerships," JoAnn S. McCarthy, NAFSA Senior Fellow for Internationalization, tackles these and other related issues. This brief paper considers the elements of a true public-private partnership, providing critical questions for institutions to consider.

Transforming Internationalization through Partnerships Icon PDF 16
By Susan Buck Sutton