The Student and Exchange Visitor Program posted an important revision to its FAQ on F-1 student transfers. Two highlights of the revised FAQ include:
  1. New rule for transfer of terminated SEVIS records. [FAQ 2.3 and 5.5.2] In a reversal of the position SEVP took in its prior FAQ, SEVP now confirms that it is possible to transfer a terminated SEVIS record to another school. The FAQ also provides the procedures to do so.
  2. Limitation on the transfer of new initial records. [FAQ 2.4] The prior FAQ set forth procedures and justification for transferring the SEVIS record of new initial students who requested a transfer without ever enrolling at the original school. The revised FAQ retains that procedure, but now says that a student is eligible for such a transfer only if he or she has been accepted by another SEVP-certified school with a program start date that is within 30 days of the student's initial admission into the United States. If the new program start date is not within 30 days of entry, the student must study at the original school until eligible for a regular transfer, or withdraw from the program and have his or her SEVIS record terminated for reason "Authorized Early Withdrawal," leave the United States within 15 days, and reenter later with a new I-20 from a new school.Link to the F-1 Transfer FAQs on the SEVP Web site