SEVP posted a set of slides to be used to train SEVIS users on SEVIS Release 5.7, scheduled for implementation in summer 2007. The J training slides cover the following changes to SEVIS:

  • New Intern category
  • Form DS-7002
  • Changes to the Trainee category
  • Trainee and Intern Occupational Categories
  • New Message Board functionality
  • Country Code Updates for Batch
SEVP has also posted SEVIS 5.7 F/M Training Slides.

The slides, posted on June 14, 2007, bear a June 19, 2007 date. The interim final rule that implements the new J Trainee and Trainee Intern regulations will be published on June 19, 2007, with a July 19, 2007 effective date. It is expected that SEVIS Release 5.7 will be put into production on or around that date as well.