SEVIS II Form I-17 Data Field Table

A table developed by the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVP) lists Form I-17 data fields that schools will have to complete and maintain in SEVIS II. Schools will be required to provide this information once SEVIS II enters its Initial Operating Capability (IOC) phase, a date which has not yet been set.

SEVIS II's Form I-17 will include much more detailed information regarding programs of study and academic calendars than the SEVIS I Form I-17. During SEVIS II's IOC, school officials will review school data migrated from SEVIS I and update this information with the additional data elements for SEVIS II. Refer to Item 8, The Updated I-17, in SEVP's May 9, 2011 SEVIS II information document for a brief introduction on how you might use this table to prepare for SEVIS II on your campus.

SEVIS II I-17 Data Field Table SEVP 2011-05-16 SEVIS II I-17 Information Table PDF