In February, 2012, the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) released a summary report of the SEVIS II Transition Workshop it conducted in August, 2011.

Extract from Report Executive Summary

"In August 2011, the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) and Department of State (DoS) sponsored a 4-day workshop to solicit input from school and sponsor officials on the transition to SEVIS II – the second generation of the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). The purpose of this report is two-fold. First, it summarizes the key workshop takeaways and establishes consensus on the priority issues before moving forward on time-consuming solutions. Second, it provides valuable information that SEVP can use, while continuing to gather input from stakeholders, to begin addressing issues and communicate with the stakeholder community.

SEVP selected participants from schools and sponsors of all types, sizes and locations to solicit the widest range of feedback. In total, 87 school officials attended from 85 different schools. Geographically, attendees represented 47 U.S. states and territories, including those from Saipan, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. On the exchange visitor side, 35 program sponsors attended from 30 separate institutions. Additionally, SEVP invited a select group of government organizations whose role in SEVIS II will be critical to success.

The workshop consisted of presentations by SEVP and DoS staff as well as facilitated breakout sessions on a variety of SEVIS II topics. Participants had the opportunity to engage in discussion with fellow members of the SEVIS community as well as staff from SEVP, DoS and Department of Homeland Security partner organizations. The objective was to give actual system users a voice in identifying concerns and proposing recommendations. The majority of participants had a direct role in the transition to SEVIS and, therefore, were able to provide a unique perspective on the current transition. Following the workshop, SEVP reviewed the feedback and compiled a comprehensive list of issues, needs, and recommendations related to the SEVIS II transition. The results are available in Section 3.0, Session Summaries. The bulk of feedback related to increased communication and training. The table to the right [in the executive summary of the report] lists the top five topics most frequently discussed during the workshop. An online survey asked participants to rate each item’s level of priority as it relates to the transition to SEVIS II. As an example, 97% of participants rated communication as a high priority; 94% of participants rated interagency coordination as a high priority"

Report Table of Contents

1.0 Purpose of the Report

2.0 Workshop Overview

2.1 Workshop Logistics

2.2 Workshop Format and Topics Discussed

2.3 School Attendee Breakdown

2.4 Workshop Survey Results

3.0 Session Summaries (schools only)

3.1 Big Picture Changes

3.2 Pending Applications and Actions

3.3 Initial and Current Students

3.4 School Certification Activities

3.5 Employment Benefits

3.6 Training and Help Desk

3.7 Specialty Schools

3.8 SEVIS II Hot Topics/ Priorities

3.9 Entry/Exit

3.10 Social Security and Driver’s Licenses

3.11 USCIS Applications and Systems

3.12 Student Communication

3.13 Visa Applications

3.14 Batch Workshop

4.0 Next Steps

4.1 Three Stages of Transition

4.2 Approach to Transition Planning

Appendix A – Additional Resources

Appendix B – School Participant List

Appendix C – Questions Asked