SEVP announced on November 15 that SEVIS 5.4 will be implemented on November 17, 2006.

On November 3, SEVP notified SEVIS users that the implementation of SEVIS 5.4 will not occur on November 3 as expected, and that its release will be delayed until further notice.

Although DOS had published a notice in the Federal Register on November 1 stating that there would be a November 4, 2006, effective date of its 5-year J professor and research scholar rule, since the effective date of the rule is linked to SEVIS 5.4 implementation and the DHS publication of a notice in the Federal Register, our understanding is that the provisions of the 5-year rule will not go into effect as of yet. However, members have reported that DOS has stated during at least one NAFSA regional conference that the rule is in effect as of November 4. NAFSA is working to clarify this with DOS and DHS.