Today, international education is well positioned to reap the benefits of decades of the integration of theory into our practice. The Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship Knowledge Community (TLS KC) is dedicated to highlighting this theory-to-practice connection and to challenging International Education professionals to incorporate fundamental theoretical concepts when designing and refining our programs.

Theory Connections, originating as a depository of intercultural communication theories, now profiles theories that are integral to campus and community programming. In this resource, we approach each theory from multiple angles, providing an overview of the theory followed by discussion of the connections, reflections, and/or applications:

  • Theory Connections—highlighting the theoretical foundations underlying practitioners' campus and community programming.
  • Theory Reflections—showcasing experts' perceptions of the value of theory-driven work.
  • Theory Applications—providing practice resources to International Education professionals.

Communication Styles
Contact Theory / Contact Hypothesis / Intergroup Contact
Cross-Cultural Adaptation
Cultural Adaptation / Culture Shock
Face Negotiation / Facework
Group Membership
Identity Development Models
Intercultural Competence Model
Intercultural Training Models
Linguistic Determinism / Linguistic Relativism
Nonverbal Communication
Value Orientations