On March 27, 2008 USCIS posted a set of questions and answers on specifics of mailing H-1B petitions during the FY 2009 H-1B "cap season."

Please Note:
Many of these questions are affected by the 3-19-08 USCIS News Release regarding the interim final regulation on H-1B visas. Under the interim final regulation, if USCIS receives a sufficient number of petitions to satisfy the cap at any time during the first five business days on which petitions for the upcoming fiscal year may be received, all cap-subject petitions received during the first five business days will be included in the random-selection lottery. Stakeholders should anticipate that there will be sufficient cap-subject H-1B petitions filed for the H-1B cap to be met on April 1, thus triggering the regulation that includes all petitions filed on April 1st though April 7th.