www.campusinternationalization.org is a powerful collection of resources for internationalization leaders in the United States. Featuring content from many of the most well-known international education organizations, this 'portal to a world of information' allows U.S. administrators and faculty to quickly access helpful resources on a variety of topics in campus internationalization.

Launched in April 2009, the portal is a collaborative effort among the 11 charter members of the Inter-associational Network on Campus Internationalization (INCI), of which NAFSA is one.

The portal features Web and print resources as well as event and program & institute listings about:

  • Comprehensive internationalization, institutional and cultural change
  • Mission and strategic planning
  • Institutional structures, policies, and funding
  • Faculty and staff development and engagement
  • Curriculum
  • Co-curriculum
  • Education abroad
  • International students and scholars
  • International collaboration
  • Community engagement, outreach, and advocacy
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Additional resources