Succeed With NAFSA

NAFSA is your partner in charting your path in international education. Explore the tools and resources available to you to help you do your daily work and to better plan the next step in your career.

  • Become a NAFSA member
  • Become a NAFSA volunteer leader
  • Join Network.NAFSA to connect and communicate online with other International Educators
  • Create a professional growth plan with the NAFSA Path™
    • Step 1: Assess. NAFSA Career Print™ enables you to assess and identify learning areas for individual growth and professional development mapped to the NAFSA International Education Professional Competencies™ 2.0.
    • Step 2: Learn. NAFSA eLearning programs include a portfolio of online courses, seminars, and learning modules segmented to both unique and cross-cutting needs of international education professionals.
    • Step 3: Achieve. MyNAFSA Transcripts provide you with updated records of your growth and professional development, essential as you advance within your career.