International education is ever-growing field with numerous ways to become involved. If you are passionate about starting a career international education but not quite sure what job is best for you, read these first-hand accounts of different jobs in the field and learn what it's really like to be an international educator.

Academic Support Coordinator
Deana Olsen, University of Kansas (International Student Services)

"To some extent, experiences can be of more practical valuable than non-experiential credentials. Study or live abroad if possible, but even if you can't go abroad, you can spend time with internationals."

Assistant Dean of Admissions
Merav Frazier, University of Virginia

"Don't be afraid to start at the bottom and work your way up; promotions happen faster than you expect when you are qualified and have a strong work ethic."

Director of International Admissions and Programs
Andy Fraher, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

"I would argue that a willingness to learn about other cultures and an openness to working with people who are learning English are far more important qualifications than fluency in a language other than English."

Immigration Attorney
Lucy Cheung, Law Ofice of Eugene Goldstein & Associates

"Helping a student gain work authorization for their first job is very rewarding. Similarly, connecting families and providing them with peace of mind is extremely satisfying."

International Scholar Adviser
Janica Cimo, University of Delaware

"It's important for me to always remember to explain regulations and institutional policies in a way that anyone outside of the field can understand."

International Student and Scholar Adviser
Andrew Janusz, Northern Arizona University

"Although my specialization is working with sponsored students from the Middle East, this job gives me an opportunity to meet and advise students from all over the world."

Study Abroad Counselor
Ned Khatrichettri, Davidson College

"You’re encouraging students to leave their comfort zones, so it’s important to be aware of their concerns or limits about how far they’re willing to push themselves."

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