Measure Personal Growth and Achievement

NAFSA Path™ enables you to track your growth and professional achievement with free and unlimited access to MyNAFSA Transcripts. MyNAFSA Transcripts, as a part of the NAFSA Path™ professional achievement system, is also a way for supervisors to confirm professional growth of their staff. MyNAFSA Transcripts are updated weekly, reflecting your most recent professional learning achievements every Monday morning. 

Please note, NAFSA does not do credit evaluation. While we have resources on how to evaluate transcripts, we do not, as an association, provide that service.

Achievement Can be Measured with NAFSA Path™

MyNAFSA Transcripts allow you to track professional growth and achievement.

  • Access your personalized transcript anytime online.
  • Keep a personal record of all NAFSA eLearning, professional workshop, signature program, and conference participation.
  • Substantiate your professional profiles with a verifiable record of your professional development progress.

Access your MyNAFSA Transcript


Please contact us with any questions related to the NAFSA Path™.