Chart Your Professional Strengths and Gaps

NAFSA Path™ with the NAFSA Career Print™ coordinates where you stand in relation to the core competencies required within your role or your team and defines the steps necessary to address skill gaps. With NAFSA Career Print™ as a foundational component of the NAFSA Path™, you set or reset learning plans to stay ahead and committed to high-level achievement.

Enroll in NAFSA Career Print™

NAFSA Career Print™ is free to every international educator committed to building skills and professionalizing their practice. Create a NAFSA Career Print™ today:

  • Take unlimited assessments as an individual or a part of a team.
  • Discover resources mapped uniquely to your I.E. role.
  • Identify gaps in your professional skills unique to you or your team.
  • Utilize NAFSA Career Print™ to map a plan for success within international education.

Start a NAFSA Career Print™

Assessment Matters

Access the NAFSA Career Print™ as component of the NAFSA Path™ to:

  • Create unlimited assessments linked to NAFSA International Education Professional Competencies™ from three domain areas and 18 topic areas.
  • Identify professional gaps and professional development recommendations that match to professional needs.
  • Highlight competency strengths mapped by professional level.
  • Generate NAFSA Career Print™ reports that support a growth mindset to engage in meaningful competency-based development.
  • Record reflection responses to support ongoing professional growth and goal setting.
Assessment for Supervisors
Assessment for Practitioners
Assessment for New Professionals


Please contact us with any questions related to the NAFSA Path™.