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As more U.S. institutions turn their attention on the Southern Cone region, it is vital that your recruitment efforts keep pace. Especially in the fast-growing markets of Argentina and Chile.

With the success of government initiatives such as the United States’ “100,000 Strong in the Americas” and the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program, expanding your recruitment efforts in the Southern Cone region are more important than ever.

This webinar provides a foundational overview of the educational systems in both Argentina and Chile and recruitment strategies for U.S. institutions. Presenters include a regional expert and a campus-based international recruiter who share best practices for successfully recruiting and retaining students from the region.


Participants will be able to:

  • Gain a foundational understanding of Southern Cone educational systems, using Argentina and Chile as examples;
  • Identify successful strategies for recruiting and retaining students from the Southern Cone;
  • Build lasting institutional relationships in order to establish a recruitment pipeline in the region.

This webinar will appeal to those at institutions already actively recruiting students from the Southern Cone as well as those looking to begin or expand their current recruitment efforts. The content will be relevant to those working in international student recruitment, advising, marketing, and admissions.

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JoBeth BrudnerJoBeth Brudner
Linden Educational Services

JoBeth Brudner is executive director of Consultants for Educational Opportunities, an independent counseling service in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From 1988 to 1998, she was coordinator of the EducationUSA advising centers throughout Argentina and represented Latin America on NAFSA’s OSEAS Leadership team from 1993 to 1996. In addition to general advising, Brudner has also had extensive experience leading tours for both Linden International Recruitment Tours and The MBA Tour. Brudner began leading tours for Linden in 1998, and for many years her region of expertise was Latin America. In 2008, she broadened her regional expertise to include India and other countries in south Asia , and started leading tours to the Middle East in 2012.

Jay Schnoor
Oregon State University

Jay Schnoor is the international recruitment coordinator for Oregon State University. He holds a BA in political science from Oregon State University and a master’s degree in international development and Arabic from the University of Oregon.