International students and scholars, along with international programs, are especially vulnerable in a crisis. As international education professionals, we are often called upon to assist with the campus response as well as responding to the needs of our students and scholars. What cross-cultural issues need to be taken into account? How do you ensure that ESL students understand what is happening in a crisis? How do you respond to a crisis in a student’s home country? How do you turn a crisis situation from reactive to proactive? What do you do if the media is asking for a response?

In this NAFSA on-demand e-Learning Seminar series, presenters explain how to deconstruct a crisis and its cultural context, provide lessons learned from handling a variety of crises, and share tips for collaborating with media. This is an ideal series to purchase for an office retreat since it deals with crises that affect international student and scholars as well as education abroad students.

In this series, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role of a well-developed crisis plan in helping you to effectively handle the cross-cultural dimensions of a crisis;
  • Adopt model practices for responding to a disaster affecting the university community;
  • Develop tools for working with media relations in times of Education Abroad crises.

NAFSA on-demand e-Learning Seminars featured in this series:

Cross-Cultural Dynamics in Crisis Management
This webinar demonstrates the importance of creating an ISSS crisis management plan and provides ISSS advisers with proven techniques to navigate cultural differences and improve communication with students and scholars to ensure that they get the assistance they need.

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Worst-Case Reality: Helping International Students and Scholars Impacted by Crisis
How can you help international students and scholars experiencing a crisis in their home country or on your campus? What is the best way to meet the needs of students and scholars in various contexts?

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Who Should You Call? Collaborations Between Education Abroad and Media Relations Offices
How can an education abroad (EA) office create a proactive partnership with media relations to coordinate response in times of crisis and to promote successes abroad?

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