NAFSA E-Learning Seminar Benefits

Have you been looking for a way to take a greater leadership role in the field of international education? Participating in the development of a NAFSA e-Learning seminar is an opportunity to share your expertise with the field and collaborate with colleagues. E-Learning Seminar presenters will be featured on the NAFSA website and marketing materials.

e-Learning Seminar title, date, and time will be determined by mutual agreement between NAFSA staff and presenters.

Presenter's Responsibilities to NAFSA

  • Appropriate the necessary time and commitment to ensure a quality learning opportunity is developed and delivered for the identified target audience.
  • Meet all reasonable deadlines for delivery of documents, such as biography, PowerPoint slides, and handout materials.
  • Participate in all e-Learning Seminar-related conference calls. Please see Proposed Timeline below.
  • Provide links or articles to information that can be used to develop quality handouts for participants consisting of concepts, talking points, and resources.
  • Ensure that materials represent the presenter's original work or that copyright permission to use such work is granted.
  • Refrain from using the e-Learning Seminar program as a means to promote a product or service.
  • Give NAFSA permission to record, duplicate, and make available for sale (from the e-Learning Seminar archives) the presentation audio and all related materials.

NAFSA Staff's Responsibilities to Presenter

  • Provide the Presenter with support in the content development process and the use of the e-Learning Seminar technology.
  • Coach team of presenters on content development, organization, flow, and delivery to support presenting to adult-learners in the virtual environment.
  • Design compelling visuals to support presentation.
  • Provide logistical and administrative support to ensure a quality education program is developed and delivered to the identified target audience.
  • Ensure that all necessary technology tools, both online and audio, work properly.
  • Set reasonable deadlines for delivery and coordination of Presenter biography, PowerPoint slides, and handout materials with NAFSA Professional Learning Services and web conferencing service.
  • Market the program effectively; register participants for the e-Learning Seminar; pay for all production costs.

Proposed Timeline

The following timeline serve as a guideline and will revised to fit the specific needs of your team.

Purpose Time
Call 1: Introduction to process and content 1 Hour
Call 2: Content Organization and Structure 1 Hour
Call 3: Recording instructions and content refinement 1 Hour
Call 4: Recording 2 Hours
Live e-Learning Seminar Event 2 Hours

Approval and Acceptance

By accepting and signing this e-Learning Seminar Presenter Agreement, I understand and agree that:

  1. I retain ownership of the copyright in the contributions I made to the e-Learning Seminar materials, and I have the same rights to use or license my contributions which I would have had without entering into this License Agreement.
  2. I grant to NAFSA: Association of International Educators a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, no-charge, royalty-free, irrevocable, license to reproduce, prepare derivative works of, modify, display, perform, sublicense, and distribute my contributions of materials to the e-Learning Seminar materials. I agree that NAFSA may use my contributions in its e-Learning Seminars, and that it may sell materials including my contribution to the e-Learning Seminar materials.
  3. I represent that I am legally entitled to grant this license. If any third party has any rights to intellectual property that I created for the e-Learning Seminar materials that includes my contributions to this project, I represent that I have received permission that party's permission to grant this license.
  4. I represent that each of my contributions is my original creation.
  5. I understand and acknowledge that NAFSA is not obligated to use my contributions in the e-Learning Seminar materials.

Each of the undersigned parties acknowledge that he she possesses the legal authority to enter into this agreement and agrees to the terms and conditions stated herein. Our working together as a team helps to ensure a successful program for the participants.

NAFSA Signatory:
Marianne Haegeli
Deputy Executive Director, Leadership & Professional Development Services
[email protected]