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Join us on December 5 at 3:00 p.m. EDT for a text-based Q&A session with colleagues from the field.

Do you have site staff abroad that receive your education abroad students? Do you need to find ways to cover topics relevant to North American students? Join a chat on the best practices for training your organization’s site staff overseas regarding receiving your students. Issues such as supporting diverse student groups and nurturing healthy group dynamics will be discussed. Sexual health abroad, budgeting while on study abroad, LGBTQ+ issues, encountering racism and what that means for the student and the group, safety guidelines, engaging with the community, and many more topics can be discussed. Bring your questions and hear from experts in the field from the University of Minnesota, Bucknell University, and CET Academic Programs, who have been training site staff abroad for many years in multiple locations.

Bradley Titus

University of Minnesota Learning Abroad Center
Bradley (BJ) Titus is the regional outreach and management content coordinator of the Education Abroad Knowledge Community (EA KC). Bradley Titus works in the Learning Abroad Center at the University of Minnesota. He has served at the university for most of his professional career and presently is...

Mark S. Lenhart

Mark Lenhart
CET Academic Programs
Mark has worked for CET since 1990, when he began as resident director of CET’s Harbin Chinese Language Program. After nearly five years studying and working in China, he became CET’s director in 1995, and he oversaw CET’s expansion from a small provider of two Chinese language programs to today’s...

Stephen Appiah-Padi, PhD

Stephen Appiah-Padi
Bucknell University
Stephen Appiah-Padi is the leadership cultivation and vice-chair of diversity and inclusion for the Education Abroad Knowledge Community (EA KC). Stephen Appiah-Padi has about 20 years’ experience in both 4 and 2-year higher education institutions in Canada and the United States. In his current...