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How should you target your recruitment efforts to improve your international enrollment management strategy? In order to more effectively recruit and enroll quality students, many institutions are focusing on expanding their international recruitment area and increasing the diversity of their international student population. However, before you decide to expand into a particular territory, it is crucial that you first understand the education systems.

This webinar provides an overview of the education systems of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brazil. Dr. Lou Nunes details the education system in Brazil, as well as explain how to evaluate credentials from Brazil to ensure legitimacy. Guy Perring describes the higher education systems of both Malaysia and Indonesia.


  • Gain an overview of the education systems of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brazil, with a focus on secondary and higher education.
  • Identify and recruit quality students in these markets.
  • Recognize legitimate documentation from these countries, with a focus on Brazil.


Lou NunesDr. M. Lou Nunes
Academic Evaluation Services

Dr. Lou Nunes has been working in the field of international education for more than 30 years in various roles, including graduate admissions officer, senior credentials evaluator, translator, and international education consultant and mentor. She is the author of several publications in foreign educational systems as well as a presenter at various international, national, state, and local professional conferences, including NAFSA, AACRAO, and EAIE.

Guy PerringGuy Perring

Guy Perring is director, Southeast Asia, for i-graduate, an independent benchmarking consultancy service, delivering comparative insights for the education sector specializing in improving the student experience. He has been based in Southeast Asia for the last 15 years and currently lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He worked at the British Council for 12 years, leading a Southeast Asian Regional Transnational Education Project designed to offer support for UK and local institutions in establishing sustainable partnerships.

Perring has presented at a number of international conferences, including Going Global, QS Apple, and the Commonwealth of Education Ministers. His expertise on transnational education has led him to participate in a number of panels designed to advise government and institutions. His current interests include the student voice, enhancing institutional support services, and the international student experience.