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It is widely understood that funding is the most cited barrier for all students to participate in education abroad programming. For students of diverse and nontraditional backgrounds, finances can often present an even greater hurdle to climb when considering whether or not education abroad is accessible. During this webinar, the presenters will discuss creative strategies for fundraising, specific funding sources for nontraditional students, and key approaches to supporting students as they prepare to study abroad. The presenters will provide a working definition of "nontraditional student," an overview of the relationship between finances and the participation of nontraditional students in education abroad, and case studies for how to provide more effective support as students embark on their education abroad journey.

Invite your education abroad professionals, financial aid professionals, and diversity officers to join this webinar. Sharing NAFSA webinars is a cost-effective method of staying abreast of the hottest topics facing the field today. Show the webinar in a room with a projector, and you can invite as many attendees as you wish for the price of one registration!


  • Develop a better understanding of the financial challenges nontraditional students face.
  • Approach education abroad funding in new and innovative ways.
  • Incorporate best practices for providing creative and effective financial support for your nontraditional students.
  • Make your study abroad programs more accessible to your nontraditional students.


Lily Lopez McGee
Diversity Abroad

Lily Lopez McGee currently serves as the manager for the Diversity Network at Diversity Abroad, where she manages a professional network of institutions around the United States to improve student access to and participation in international education. Prior to joining the Diversity Abroad team, McGee served as a program manager at UNCF Special Programs Corporation, a student organization adviser at the University of Washington in the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity, and a student instructor at the Digital Learning Commons. She is a member of the Global Access Pipeline Initiative and an alumnus of the Institute for International Public Policy Fellowship. She is currently working toward her doctorate in education with a focus on international education at George Mason University.

Garrick Hildebrand
University of Arkansas

Garrick Hildebrand is the senior associate director of academic scholarships and financial aid for the University of Arkansas and assists the executive director with the leadership of the scholarship and financial aid office. His primary job duties include management of the current student scholarship process and direct oversight of retention staff and scholarship processors. Hildebrandalso serves as the campus financial aid adviser for the Gilman Study Abroad Scholarship and the campus point-of-contact for the Gates Millennium Scholars program. He was appointed to the Academic Scholarship Office as a program coordinator in November 2007, was promoted to associate director in July 2009, and was promoted to senior associate director in April 2013. He holds a bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s degree in higher education leadership.

Taylor Woodman
George Washington University

Taylor C. Woodman manages special projects for the Office for Study Abroad at George Washington University. His current project focuses on the nontraditional student perspective abroad. Woodman works with a selected group of students before, during, and postdeparture to create their own digital story. He previously worked on the office's finances and billing and their scholarship and diversity efforts. He serves as the co-chair for NAFSA’s Underrepresentation in Education Abroad Subcommittee. Woodman studied abroad in South Africa, Argentina, and Senegal. He is currently pursuing his PhD in international education policy from the University of Maryland.