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With recent budget concerns causing universities to place more focus on their student retention rates, it is important for international student offices to join the broader campus discussion and review how their services and programs impact international students’ retention. However, there is not as much data available on how retention efforts affect the international student population on our campuses.

In this webinar, we blend current student retention research and trends with a close look at how three distinct institutions approach international student retention. They share how their campuses identify student risks and needs, match interventions with those needs, and demonstrate how these efforts impact current international student populations and campus retention data. This webinar will help participants map their own quest toward a more strategic way of addressing and supporting retention efforts on their campus. Please join Heather Housley of Georgia State University, Teter Kapan of Chemeketa Community College, and Sheila Schulte of the Georgia Institute of Technology as they demonstrate the “how to” of international student retention.


  • Discover techniques to help you identify the unique risks and needs that affect international student retention.
  • Explore innovative intervention approaches to retaining your international students.
  • Reconsider how your office’s current services and programs can be viewed as retention tools.
  • Improve your ability to capture how your offices’ efforts impact campus-wide retention efforts.


Sheila Schulte works in the Office of International Education at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she manages the services for more than 3,800 international students and scholars. She has worked in international education since 1995 in positions at the University of Iowa, the University of Idaho, and Emory University. Her passions, which bridge both her personal and professional life, include intercultural communication, literacy issues, anthropology, and travel.

Heather Housley is director of International Student & Scholar Services at Georgia State University in Atlanta. After serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal, Heather received her master's degree in higher education and student affairs from The Ohio State University. She is originally from east Tennessee and has been involved in international education for 13 years.

Teter Kapan currently coordinates international education efforts for Chemeketa Community College through her role as the director of international programs. Chemeketa has centered strategic efforts to improve programs and services for all students through a focus on academic retention. Since 1991, Teter's roles at the college have allowed her to see how retention is a key function of every position in an institution. She is especially excited about the work her international programs team has done over the past five years in improving international student success.