Ongoing Professional Growth at Your Convenience

NAFSA Path™ provides flexible-format eLearning, allowing you to learn anytime, anywhere. It enables you to continue your professional development without leaving your home or office. NAFSA’s eLearning portfolio of online courses, seminars, and learning modules offer in depth, foundation-building as well as ongoing professional enrichment. Whether you have an hour or weeks to dedicate to professional growth, you will find eLearning offers many options that fit your needs.

Follow Customized Plans Built with NAFSA Career Print™

Generate customized personal professional learning plans With NAFSA Career Print™ with NAFSA Path™. The plans will map resources specific to your self-assessment needs. The NAFSA Career Print™ reports will link you directly to each learning program or resource.

Easy Access for Just in Time Learning

Convenience is key. The NAFSA Path™ centralizes eLearning content for your review and browsing. Organized using NAFSA’s International Education Professional Competencies™ you can search for learning that will address your immediate challenges. With new content being consistently developed by your fellow international educators, this is the place for just in time learning.

Education Abroad eLearning
International Enrollment Management eLearning
International Student and Scholar Services eLearning
Teaching, Learning and Scholarship eLearning
Professional Skills and Shared-Interest eLearning


Please contact us with any questions related to the NAFSA Path™.