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STEM OPT Part II: Effective Institutional Policies and Practices
September 14, 2016
As a follow-up to the NAFSA e-Learning Seminar, STEM OPT Update: Implications and Preparation for Changes, international education experts will share policies and procedures implemented at various institutions. Presenters will discuss the challenges they’ve faced in this transition process, and how they’ve overcome them. Register now

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Intro J-1J-1 Advising: Getting Started
NAFSA’s all new J-1 advising e-Learning course provides a general overview of the necessary fundamentals needed to help advise J-1 Exchange Visitors on maintaining their status during their stay in the United States. Designed for those who support and maintain J exchange visitors programs, this course features real advisers sharing authentic situations, problems, and solutions.

Intro F1Beyond the Basics of F-1 Student Advising
This course will enable international student advisers who already have an understanding of the basics of F-1 regulations to take their learning to the next level. Through an in-depth examination of the many gray areas in F-1 student regulations, participants will learn how to consider critical factors on regulations that are subject to interpretation.

F1 AdvisingF-1 Advising: Getting Started
As a new international student adviser, you need to get up to speed quickly to ensure compliance among F-1 students. This course brings you into the office of a typical university to work with and support their international students. Through six online modules, you will address the many challenges you will face in your advising role.


Deepen your current skills and acquire cross-cutting functional skills as you are guided through a participatory, in-depth exploration of the following topics.