Create a Professional Growth Plan


NAFSA Path™ is a professional achievement system tailored to the needs of international educators in every role to build essential skills critical for success. This signature learning and professional skills development system enables you to continuously assess your needs, develop personal learning plans, and track your growth and achievement throughout your professional career.

Develop Core Competencies for Success

The NAFSA Path™ allows you to identify the core competencies required within your role or your team and define the steps necessary to build essential skills and knowledge. This system leverages the foundational expertise of skilled international educators, serving every knowledge community, who developed and maintain the NAFSA International Education Professional Competencies™.

A System for Professionals at Every Career Stage

Designed to meet the diverse needs of supervisors, practitioners, and new professionals, NAFSA Path™ enables you to continuously build and measure your career skills. Step forward with NAFSA Path™. Each Step below can be taken independently, or as part of the complete system.

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Step Forward with NAFSA Path™

NAFSA Path. Assess. Learn. Achieve

Step 1: Assess

NAFSA Career Print™ enables you to assess and identify areas for individual growth and professional development mapped to the NAFSA International Education Professional Competencies™.


Step 2: Learn

NAFSA eLearning programs include a portfolio of online courses, seminars, and learning modules segmented to both unique and cross-cutting needs of international education professionals.


Step 3: Achieve

MyNAFSA Transcripts provide you with updated records of your growth and professional development, essential as you advance within your career.

NAFSA Path™ for Supervisors
NAFSA Path™ for Practitioners
NAFSA Path™ for New Professionals


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