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Are you and your institution interested or involved in recruitment in China? This special presentation with Tom Melcher of Zinch, a NAFSA Global Partner and an expert in Chinese higher education, is jam packed with important information on key trends, research, insights, and other overlooked methods on how to effectively recruit in China.


  • Examine the Chinese approach to secondary education
  • Identify the target audience when recruiting in China
  • Discover the simpler set of criteria Chinese families use when choosing a school
  • Discover the challenges of application fraud and the reasons why so much fraud exists
  • Identify best recruiting methods specifically for China


Tom Melcher
Vice President of Product and Partnerships and Chairman of Zinch China

Tom Melcher is the author of the best-selling book, Guide to American Undergraduate Education, which helps prospective Chinese college students to choose undergraduate programs in the United States. He is widely recognized in China as an expert on studying in the United States, frequently interviewed by the Chinese media, and a popular speaker on Chinese college campuses.

At the NAFSA 2011 Annual Conference & Expo, Tom will conducted the preconference workshop: Recruiting Undergraduate Students in China for U.S. Institutions: Best Practices and a conference session titled Tools to Understand Fraudulent Documents from China.