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International students face unique challenges and cultural factors when it comes to career planning, especially in the United States. Recent research demonstrates that preparing students to find meaningful employment plays an important role in an institution’s international student recruitment and retention success.

Learn how schools are using increased outreach, integrative programming, and greater engagement with campus stakeholders to ensure international students feel confident when entering the U.S. job market.


After attending this e-Learning Seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Develop an outreach plan that will encourage international students to seek out early career planning resources on-campus;
  • Help international students develop a personal career plan combining their academic and professional goals;
  • Identify cultural factors, in partnership with campus career services, that should be considered when helping international students find employment in the United States;
  • Engage campus stakeholders in discussion on career planning and its direct link to international student recruitment, retention, academic success, and institutional affinity.

This e-Learning Seminar will offer a variety of ideas, examples, and resources that can be used to start implementing a strategy that best fits your institution. The content will be relevant to those working in international student services; recruitment and admissions; career services; alumni affairs; campus internationalization; and academic and student affairs.


Frances O’Brien
University of Delaware

Frances O’Brien is assistant director of the Office for International Students and Scholars at the University of Delaware (UD). O’Brien earned a master’s degree in education from Widener University after obtaining baccalaureate degrees in Spanish and political science from UD. She has presented nationally on topics such as language acquisition and internationalization, and is currently developing a measurement instrument for evaluating a university’s propensity for fostering international student success. A member of UD’s International Research Team, O’Brien is the principle investigator on the implementation of a home-grown tool to measure engagement, success, and adjustment among international students. She also serves as the chair-elect for UD’s International Caucus and is a member of several collaborative consortiums to promote internationalization on campus.

Sheri Young
Johnson & Wales University

Sheri Young is dean of experiential education and career services for Johnson & Wales University (JWU), where she oversees outcomes and assessment for the university’s internship and other experientially related programs. Young also leads a team of career advisors and experiential education coordinators who guide 2,500 students on internships, teach 60 career courses, and host more than 500 employers who conduct 1,200 interviews on campus each year.