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Understanding how to successfully integrate Chinese students into your campus starts with understanding the students themselves. With increasing numbers of Chinese students studying abroad, campuses need to reassess how they are welcoming, educating, and supporting larger populations of Chinese students on their campuses. China’s rapid growth has created socioeconomic changes that affect the aims and priorities of its university-ready population. Are you prepared to meet the needs of today’s Chinese student or are you working with an out-dated set of perceptions of the Chinese student?

In this webinar, speakers Sufei Li and Megan Wang provide a necessary update to our picture of today’s Chinese student. Through insights about cultural contexts, motivations, support systems, and aspirations, your campus will be poised to provide more meaningful support to your growing population of Chinese students.


Following this e-Learning Seminar you will be able to…

  • Understand how influences and needs differ between where a student chooses to apply and where they enroll.
  • Use a fresh understanding of motivations, expectations, and preparedness of Chinese students to address their needs on your campus.
  • Develop campuswide infrastructures to attract, support, and retain this growing body of young, motivated students.

This webinar is the first in a three-part webinar series on working with Chinese undergraduates on U.S. campuses. The series focuses on the integration of Chinese students into campus life, into the classroom, and into the community.  Learn about the needs of Chinese students and develop your understanding of their cultural and academic background and preparedness.


Sufei LiSufei Li
National Coordinator for the AASCU/CCIEE 1+2+1 Dual-Degree Program
AASCU/CEAIE Liaison Officer

Sufei Li, national coordinator for the AASCU/CCIEE 1+2+1 Dual-Degree Program and AASCU/CEAIE liaison officer, assists with and coordinates all AASCU and CCIEE programs. Prior to that, she worked as the director of evaluations at the Knowledge Company. Sufei also specializes in comparative higher education and educational credential evaluations. Sufei earned a master’s degree in comparative education from the University of London. She also received a master’s degree in American higher education administration and policy studies from the University of Maryland. Sufei is a regular guest speaker on Voice of America’s outreach radio and television programs to China on topics of American and Chinese education.

Megan WangMegan Wang
Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions – International
University of Southern California

A native of China, Megan Wang received her BA from UCLA and JD from Harvard Law School. She practiced corporate law with an international law firm in New York City and Los Angeles before she came to the higher education field. Megan Wang has been the associate director of admissions at the University of Southern California since 2009, where she manages the annual recruitment and evaluation of undergraduate applicants from the Greater China region. She recently presented at NAFSA's annual conference on recruiting Chinese students and how Chinese students choose U.S. schools.