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Are you involved in making sense of international markets, balancing recruitment budgets, and setting or meeting international student enrollment targets?

Each year, your institution sets international enrollment targets based on an understanding of where international students are coming from and how best to attract them to your campus. What drives your overall enrollment strategy? Are you accessing the right data to ensure that your strategy will be successful? Everything from recruitment budgets to international student support hinges on having in place an accurate and up-to-date picture of this increasingly dynamic marketplace. You need reliable sources to help you set and meet your targets.

In this e-Learning Seminar, three international recruitment experts guide a conversation about how to drive international enrollment strategies and evidence decisionmaking. Sharing their best practices and insights into how most effectively to filter and use internal, external, and digital data, Pamela Barrett, Patricia Croom, and Chris Price help you deliver a key element of a successful international enrollment management strategy for your institution.

e-Learning Seminar Objectives

This e-Learning Seminar will help you to:

  • Build your base of reliable data sources and strategies for using them effectively.
  • Ensure that your campus is collecting and analyzing the data it needs to drive recruitment strategies.
  • Consider the student's decisionmaking process and which data sources can guide your overall strategy.


Pamela Barrett
Director, Client Relations North America
International Graduate Insight Group (i-graduate)

Patricia W. Croom
Associate Director for International Admissions
Michigan State University

Christopher Price
Chief Information and Marketing Director, North America
Preparation for Life