What is the Academy?

The Academy for International Education is a selective program, in which trainees are provided foundational training around nine international education professional proficiencies and the primary knowledge areas of international education. The foundational training is enhanced by a personalized learning plan the Academy trainee develops, which guides and measures the trainee's learning throughout the Academy year, in addition to individualized coaching from an international education coach.

How the NAFSA Academy Benefits Your Academic Institution

Professional development and training are essential to successfully perform many of the job tasks required in the field of international education. However, limited time and resources force employees to focus their training on narrow, specific, job tasks that don't incorporate the broader vision of the field that is now required in an age where comprehensive internationalization is being mandated on campuses.

The Academy for International Education provides Academy training opportunities, the highlight of which is the Academy Spring Training. Spring Training provides two weeks of virtual training in a variety of job duties and functions found in the field—thus equipping each trainee with the understanding of how international education intersects across knowledge communities, and equipping them with the connections and resources to further develop their skills and network. Beyond the foundational learning, each trainee builds a learning plan that focuses on the individual's specific needs. The Academy Coach helps support the trainee's learning by directing them to professional tools and resources to help them achieve their learning plan objectives.

Tara Evans, former Academy trainee writes:

When speaking about the Academy, I would let a supervisor/employer know that the Academy cohort can be a great resource for complex situations that may arise in an international office. The program helped me to establish which areas were my strengths and my weaknesses, and provided me the resources I needed to continue growing. I would encourage a new professional to join the Academy because it would help them learn more about their institution, better understand the field of international education and NAFSA, and build a professional network.

What Your Institution Will Gain

  • Training of individual(s) from your institution in a variety of areas within the international education field, including international enrollment management, international student advising, education abroad, advocacy in international education and comprehensive internationalization.
  • Broadened access to the international education field for both the individual and the institution.
  • Increased knowledge and information on the international education field and resources
  • Skilled individual(s) to assist your offices and institution in the development of services, programming and campus-wide promotion of international education.

How You Can Support an Academy Trainee

  • Your consent for a trainee to fully participate in the year-long Academy is essential.
  • Financial support of the institutional representative is highly recommended, but not required.
  • Staff release time for the required Academy Events (Academy Spring Training, NAFSA's Annual Conference, and four virtual trainings throughout the year).
  • Encouragement and ongoing interest will both serve the trainee and your office to ensure that the Academy investment of time and resources remains a priority throughout.

How Do You Know if Your Employee Is Right for the Academy?

As an employer, you may see how the Academy can benefit the employee's professional development and the work of your institution. However, due to the intensive curriculum and additional demands on the employee, it is essential that all prospective candidates be self-motivated to succeed in the Academy.

What Will Your Employee Receive with Their Academy Participation?

 What Are the Costs?

The Academy costs $1650 per trainee. Additionally, travel, lodging, and meals costs at the Annual Conference are the responsibility of the individual trainee or supporting employer.

Financial support from an employer is critical to the success of Academy trainees in this professional development program. Consider the cost savings to your institution that come with Academy participation: NAFSA membership, and registration at NAFSA's Annual Conference & Expo.

To learn why investments into professional development prove to be wise, check out Staying Sharp, an article from the July/August 2019 issue of International Educators magazine.