Access to work opportunities is ranked as one of the most important factors in international student satisfaction. How can your institution improve access to work opportunities for international students? What kind of immigration sponsorship policy does your institution have in place?

In this NAFSA on-demand e-Learning Seminar series, presenters share practical examples of how to work with career services to improve career planning, implement Curricular Practical Training (CPT) policies and develop a comprehensive immigration sponsorship policy.

In this series, participants will be able to:

  • Engage campus stakeholders in discussion on career planning and its direct link to international student recruitment, retention, academic success, and institutional affinity;
  • Share best practices for authorizing CPT for training that is integral to but not required by the curriculum;
  • Identify key factors to evaluate and improve your institution’s immigration sponsorship policy.

NAFSA on-demand e-Learning Seminars featured in this series

Successful Career Planning for International Students
Learn how schools are using increased outreach, integrative programming, and greater engagement with campus stakeholders to ensure international students feel confident when entering the U.S. job market.

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Curricular Practical Training: Policies and Practices for Elective Training
Is it appropriate to authorize curricular practical training (CPT) for training that is integral to but not required by the curriculum? How do your policies and practices compare with those from other institutions?

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Hiring International Employees: Creating and Evaluating Sponsorship Policy
Today, all U.S. colleges and universities want the opportunity to hire international employees. To do so effectively, all institutions should develop and implement a sound immigration sponsorship policy.

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