Each year, NAFSA is excited to partner in the growth of Diversity Impact Program (DIP) participants. Review what participants have shared about their time in the program.

2017 Recipients

Ameer AlsabaaAmeer Alsabaa
"This is by far one of the best experiences I’ve had as a new person in the field. By investing in people like me, this country and this world become a better place."

Ameer Alsabaa is the International Program Consultant at Mid-Michigan Community College.

Heather BarikmoHeather Barikmo
"Attending the annual conference [through DIP] for the first time was a highlight for me, as was attending and presenting at the Region X conference. I don't think I would have been able to present at my first ever regional conference without the social and tactical support I received in the Diversity Impact Program. I feel as though I was able to dive right in, and that has been empowering."

Heather Barikmo is the associate director of the English Language Center at LaGuardia Community College.

Nellie Pharr-MalettaNellie Pharr-Maletta
"Participating in DIP helps to ‘make the big store small.’ Now I have colleagues that I can call when I have a regulatory question and someone to sit with at the big conference events.

DIP made it possible for me to attend my first annual NAFSA conference and having a professional mentor for one year is a blessing!"

Nellie Pharr-Maletta is the assistant director of international student services at Community College of Baltimore County.

MaRaina MontgomeryMaRaina Montgomery
"The most helpful aspects [of DIP] were gaining discounted access to awareness about all of the digital and printed information produced by NAFSA, being connected with seasoned higher education professionals, and feeling supported by the DIP administrative staff as I discussed my work aspirations related to the field of international education. Each of these have all helped to enhance my daily practice and participation within the study abroad community."

MaRaina Montgomery is the study abroad program manager at Howard University.

2016 Participants

Venita RossVenita Ross
“The most helpful aspects [of DIP] were participating in networking opportunities and customized sessions for the DIP group, working with my mentor and being a part of the professional group of NAFSA’s business group meetings. All these aspects have helped me to learn from my peers about many new resources and best practices and to gain support and a sense of belonging that have helped me throughout the past year.

The smaller sessions geared toward developing the participants were very helpful and gave room for a lot more discussions, questions and answers. The panelists in the sessions were very resourceful and gave great insights into the work that they do and can do within the organization as well as avenues to grow in the field and lots of additional resources and opportunities.”

Venita Ross is the international admissions adviser at Salt Lake Community College.

Stacye Fraser ThompsonStacye Fraser Thompson
“The community college networking was amazing. I was able to find many contacts who could help me with my initiative to develop study abroad. The feedback and direct networking through the DIP events made the national conference seem more intimate than it might normally.”

Stacye Fraser Thompson is the coordinator of international student services at Jefferson State Community College in Birmingham, Alabama.

Freda GippFreda Gipp
“The program is amazing. I had no idea what to expect and I have been pleasantly surprised from the first email to the orientation videos to the star treatment at the conference. DIP will foster the continued growth of NAFSA and enhance the rich diversity and ongoing efforts to be inclusive!”

Freda Gipp has worked in various capacities for more than 20 years at Haskell Indian Nations University located in Lawrence, Kansas.