MDP offers a complete, up-to-date, and efficient professional development opportunity for experienced managers in all fields of international education.

When is this program offered?

The Management Development Program is offered at least twice a year. The first session is directly before the NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo over Memorial Day weekend. This year it will take place from May 26-28, 2019 in Washington, DC. Other offerings take place in the summer and fall at various locations. Please check back in the future to find out when and where these will be happening in 2019.

Do I need any management experience to take part in MDP?

The Management Development Program is intended for participants with at least three years of management experience. Because MDP asks participants to reflect on their own management style and experiences, participants with less than three years of management experience have found it challenging to fully participate in and benefit from the program. This program is not intended for someone who is not currently in a management position.

How many participants engage in this program? Is it an interactive format?

Attendance for the Management Development Program is generally capped at 42 participants. With tables of no more than eight participants each, the environment and curriculum is designed for exchange and interaction not only between participants and trainers, but also between participants themselves.

Will the program be relevant to me if I work in international education, but not in a university office?

While the Management Development Program uses a university setting in various case studies and examples, the underlying management principles and skills are generally transferable to all situations in the field of international education. The program touches on topics such as scanning your environment for potential changes and improvements, working with your supervisor by "managing up," identifying potential connections and resources in other departments and organizations, and identifying strategies for managing your underperforming employees and your star employees. View a full list of module topics and their objectives.

I notice that the trainers are mainly from university international offices. Will the course be highly focused on the situations at universities?

The trainers are, in fact, experienced managers primarily from university international education offices, but they will be briefed on professional information about you and your fellow participants prior to the program date. NAFSA sends out a participant profile to all registrants to collect important information that will prepare the trainers to explore other scenarios and hear from you about how you could use the featured management skills in your workplace.