St. Louis , MO
United States

Beyond Geopolitics: Successful International Education Leadership for the Next Decade

Successful international education leadership in the future will require embracing and navigating growing nationalisms, changing demographic pressures, and environmental anxieties. At a time when global engagement is increasingly challenged by zero-sum approaches to internationalization, IE leaders will need broad competencies to move beyond traditional geopolitics to engage creatively with emergent landscapes. The 2020 Symposium on Leadership will offer current and aspiring internationalization leaders tools and resources for the next decade, focusing on thought leadership, intercultural expertise, resilience, and nimbleness to enhance their individual and institutional effectiveness as senior international officers (SIOs). This dialogic Symposium represents a significant opportunity during the annual NAFSA conference to meet with other high-level IE Leaders and SIOs to engage in a deep exchange of ideas, network, and forecast effective approaches to short- and long-range challenges in international higher education.