The International Student and Scholar—Regulatory Practice Committee (ISS-RP) reviews input from practitioners in the field and recommends action.

  • ISS-RP subcommittees review, analyze, and prioritize your input to IssueNet and make recommendations to the ISS-RP Committee.
  • ISS-RP Committee Chair also solicits input from knowledge community (KC) chairs and brings these issues to the ISS-RP Committee.

The ISS-RP Committee then prioritizes the issues and determines appropriate action, keeping in mind the Outcome Accountabilities assigned by the Board in the Standing Rules, Rule VIII, Section C:

  • Develop and maintain a system to receive regulatory practice issues related to international student and scholars from members and other sources.
  • Identify regulatory and practice issues that need action through regulatory liaison by staff, or members as requested by staff.
  • Identify practice items to be referred to knowledge communities for action through further education and practice resources.
  • Assist the Vice President for Public Policy and Practice in communicating to members on regulatory practice issues.
  • Identify those issues that are longer term, public policy issues and forward these to the Vice President for Public Policy and Practice for consideration.

The ISS-RP Committee and its subcommittees are assigned two objectives in the NAFSA Strategic Plan:

Goal 3.1 Encourage further development of practices that increase the diversity and number of U.S. students studying abroad and of international students enrolling in higher education institutions in the United States.

Goal 4.6 Maintain NAFSA as an indispensable source of guidance to U.S. government agencies in forming regulations and practice policies that affect student and scholar mobility.