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What's the difference between Get Liaison Help or Report an Issue?
Use Get Liaison Help if you are a P/DSO, A/RO, or other school official and would like assistance with an immigration-related case. This feature is a benefit to NAFSA members only.

Use Report an Issue to inform NAFSA leaders and staff of your education abroad and immigration-related regulatory issues. This feature is available to all. Please, note that you will need a MyNAFSA account to submit an issue.

If you want help with a specific adjudication for a particular student, scholar, dependent, or employee, you would submit the request to Get Liaison Help. If you see an emerging trend or recurring pattern, you might also want to submit that to Report an Issue.




What types of education abroad concerns can I submit to Report an Issue?
Any problem or concern related to a government agency, regulation, policy, or procedure can be reported by using one of the following:
  • Clery Act/VAWA
  • Cuba Regulations
  • DACA/Undocumented Student
  • Federal Financial Aid
  • Foreign Consular Affairs or Visas for Study Abroad 
  • U.S. Passport



What happens to my submission to Report an Issue?
You will receive an email confirmation regarding a successful submission. This, along with other submissions, will be compiled and read by NAFSA member-leaders. This is a data-collection tool and individual submissions do not typically receive responses.



How do the Education Abroad and International Student and Scholar Regulatory Practice Committees prioritize the issues they receive through IssueNet?
The International Student & Scholar Regulatory Practice (ISS RP) and Education Abroad Regulatory Practice (EA RP) Committees, public policy staff, and regulatory practice staff follow guidelines for prioritizing issues. Your submissions help them to measure the breadth and depth of the impact of regulations or policies on U.S. and international students, scholars, international faculty, and U.S. institutions.



How can I get involved?
Join the Connecting Our World and watch for alerts from the Connecting Our World platform.

Subscribe to one or more Network.NAFSA Communities and develop virtual person-to-person contacts and share questions and ideas about the day-to-day operations of your office.



How will I know my case has been received in Get Liaison Help? How do I communicate with my Regulatory Ombud about that case?
When you submit to Get Liaison Help, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail that the Regulatory Ombud (RegBud) has received your case. You can send additional updates and questions related to the case through the "case notes" function, and all of these exchanges are summarized in the "case history" for your convenience. You may find the contact information for your Region's RegBuds here.