To cite instances of your students’ difficulties in participating in study abroad programs because of visa or passport issues, please follow the instructions below:

Go to:
Click on "Report an Issue"



Step I of II: Issue Classification

For the problem or issue you are reporting today, please choose one:
SELECT "Education Abroad"

SELECT your institution public or private and your institution type.

General Problem/Issue Type:
SELECT "Consular Affairs and Visas"

Specific Problem/Issue Type:
ENTER "Visa Issuance"

Date of Occurrence of the Problem/Issue (if known):
ENTER the date you or your students requested an appointment.

General Government Entity Involved:
SELECT "Foreign Government"

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Government benefit/service was:
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Please provide the facts relevant to this problem or concern. For privacy purposes, we ask that you not provide any personal data such as name, date of birth, etc. Please limit your comments to 250 words.





  1. Which procedures and policies at specific consulates hinder, rather than facilitate educational exchanges?  example:  in X city in Y country, the nearest consulate is X hundred miles away, costing students $X to get their visas; visa request time for Z country does not coordinate with student planning abilities
  2. What, if any, new procedures have been instituted by other countries that appear to be reciprocal for policies instituted by the U.S.? example:  Y country increased visa/ application fees, Z country now requires personal appearances, etc. 
  3. What rules exist that don’t match the reality of student exchanges?  example:   X country didn’t previously require visas for short term stay, but now does; visa issues with students going to multiple countries; country X does not have appropriate visa category for students doing internships; lack of faculty visas; visa length does not adequately match the length of a typical school term in X country
  4. Are there specific consulates that lack transparency or consistency in the process for obtaining the necessary travel documents to study abroad?  example: consulate X in one U.S. region requires a personal appearance whereas consulate Y from the same country in another region of the U.S. does not
  5. Use the impact description text box at the end of the IssueNet report to also share any other information you’d like about the problems you’re having in getting visas for your students seeking to study abroad.




Step II of II: Impact of Issue

How many individuals at your institution/organization these problems/issues impact?
INDICATE the number of students from your institution who have encountered these problems/ issues. 

Answer the remaining items as appropriate and SUBMIT.

Thank you!

Larry Bell,
Vice President, Public Policy and Practice