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California Service Center - Notes from June 26 Meeting

Dear Colleagues,

Attached are the notes from the CSC/NAFSA meeting held last Wednesday, June 26. It was a very productive meeting with some promise of faster processing times, and the possibility of ironing out many long standing concerns. Some of these issues are outlined below:

1) I-134's are not required as the sole documentation for change of status applications where the sponsor is outside the US. It can be one of the choices on the Request for Evidence (RFE), however if it is the only choice for documentation there is a mistake on the RFE form. If this happens to one of your students, send an email message to Kurt in Division II at [email protected] Be sure to give him the WAC# on the case.

2) Patty Rafael has asked that email messages to her concerning EAD problems use the following format:


Last Name, First Name:

Date of Birth:

Date of Filing: (if no WAC#)

Current Address:

Previous Address, if applicable:

3) The continuing problems with I-612's and H-1B applications are finally being addressed at the CSC, and hopefully resolved. The two divisions handling these applications have agreed to work together. Any problems with I-612's can be faxed to Louise in Division V (see notes) or sent to her by email through Kurt in Division II.

4) Effective immediately, the CSC has reverted back to the long standing practice of allowing time in other statuses to count toward the 9 month in status rule for OPT, see notes for details.

5) For I-539 applications, the CSC does need the original I-94, and a copy, too, if at all possible. By sending a copy with the original, they can compare them right away, and send the original back more quickly. It will be sent back separately from the adjudication notice of the application. Also, make sure you send COS applications as early as possible, and that they are sent Certified Mail.

6) On the I-538 form for Optional Practical Training, the description of the proposed employment at #7 must be related to the field of study listed on the I-20 form. Please check your students' applications before they are sent.

In closing, I would like to say a special thank you to Carol Robertson, former Associate Director, International Center, UCSD, for all of her help and guidance on the H-1B processing delay problems. The progress we made on this issue was due mainly to Carol's gentle prodding, (and those of you who know her, will understand what I mean), and I was but the messenger once again.



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