MARCH 14, 2001


The entire CSC update includes these few observations plus the Q&A that you will find as a separate file on the Region 12 web site. CSC has also requested feed back about how they are doing in providing service to schools. A form, "CSC Critique" is provided for this purpose.

March 29, 2000 was a date on which CSC reorganized its internal structure (creating divisions) and distributed personnel and application types to these divisions. The e-mail inquiry pilot program for schools was a direct outgrowth of that move. The e-mail pilot program provided access to Division II the division handling Change of Status requests and later into Division III the division handling EAD approvals.

At the March liaison meeting CSC announced that re-distribution of some work and relocation of some staff was being contemplated by CSC management. Processing of the change of status (COS) and extension of stay (EOS) I-539 forms may be moved from Division II to Division I. Sheila Embry, the "schools officer" assigned liaison responsibility this past year is located in Division II and will not be moving to Division I. The liaison officer position was created specifically for COS cases. It is not clear that there will be an e-mail inquiry system created in Division I.

The move has not been made yet. Division II has agreed to review for expedite handling applications for change of status to F-1 or J-1 where employment may be critical to the student or scholar program. As you know CSC has already agreed to review for expedite handling change of status requests where employment is a condition of the requested F or J status. This new request expands those who may be qualified for expedite treatment. Please be judicious. Send an e-mail message with the WAC number in the subject line and a brief outline of the case in the body to [email protected] Such requests should be made ASAP.

Other news/information shared by CSC staff:

READING THE JIT REPORT: Just a reminder that the JIT report lists only the file movement from the file shelf to the floor. Thirty (30) days processing time should be added to the date listed before considering the file past processing time

CSC reminded the region about what is to be sent to which e-mail address. This may change if I-539's are moved to Division I.

CSC.Schools Emailbox

There still appears to be some confusion regarding the e-mailboxes.

In the subject line, please place the WAC number assigned to the applicant/petitioner of your inquiry. And please note that

[email protected] is to be used for I-102s, I-539s & I-129s.

[email protected] is to be used for I-765s, I-130s, I-751s, I-821s, and I-881s.

And on the national level:

Ken Rooney to begin Acting Commissioner on 4/2/01 replacing Mary Ann Wyrsch who will become the UN Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees.


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