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CSC Update 5/25/01

The latest CSC reorganization took place on Monday, April 23, 2001. The Divisions were reassigned as follows:

Division I - Mary Agnelly, ACD

I-140s, I-360s, I-526s, I-829s, I-131s, I-539s, I-102s, I-824s (except for Division IVs)

Division II - Barbara Velarde, ACD

I-129s and Premium Processing

Division III - Ron Johnson, ACD

I-130s, I-751s, I-817s, I-821s TPS, I-765s

Division IV - Steve Brickett, ACD

I-485s, Naturalization, Legalization, I-824s

Division V - Joe Hackbarth, ACD

I-90s, Waivers, NACARA, Customer Service


The Division I email box is working again for I-539's:

[email protected]


*NEW* Division II has an email box for H-1B inquiries:

[email protected]


Here is the announcement from Sheila Embry:

Announcing the opening of Division II's new email box. Feel free to send all Division II (I-129) inquiries to this email box effective immediately. As with the other CSC email boxes, this address is only for NAFSAns. Do not give this email box address out to students or other individuals. 5/24/01

There is no word about the Division III EAD inquiries email box, and no update on the status of application processing regarding cashing checks and issuing receipts. Continue faxing until further notice.

Submitted by: Jane C. Kalionzes



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