Strategic Plan


NAFSA's work is guided by a strategic plan, developed and refreshed annually by the board of directors. The plan announces the association’s vision, mission, and values, and guides the association in developing services, programs, and products to serve its members.

In fulfilling its vision and mission, NAFSA organizes its goals around the organization’s three strategic focus areas: influencing public policy, creating and disseminating knowledge, and maintaining a strong organization.

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Goals for 2016-2018

  1. Advocate for public policies that lead to a more globally engaged and welcoming United States.
  2. Support the integration of global perspectives throughout higher education by furthering comprehensive internationalization.
  3. Encourage and support intercultural learning to develop global competencies of students, scholars, and educators.
  4. Identify critical trends and issues, and champion responses that advance international education.
  5. Create and disseminate knowledge and resources and provide professional development opportunities responsive to the ever-changing needs of the field.
  6. Deepen and broaden NAFSA’s engagement with individuals and groups whose work contributes to the success of international education.
  7. Continue to strengthen and diversify the association’s revenue streams and organizational infrastructure to successfully meet the challenges of the future.

Leadership Groups

NAFSA committees are assigned specific objectives from the Strategic Plan to work toward each year.

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