Membership Engagement Committee


The Membership Engagement Committee represents the members of NAFSA and provides a conduit between the leadership of the association and those served by the association. Membership Engagement Committee members:

  • Welcome and engage new members each quarter and provide outreach with constituent groups at the annual conference that are new to NAFSA
  • Engage with knowledge communities and national committees for coordinated member cultivation activities
  • Support the Member Interest Groups (MIGs) at the annual conference by attending meetings, provide talking points on behalf of the Membership Engagement Committee, and submit comments to the committee for the annual review report
  • Approve the MIGs according to the guidelines in the MIG Leaders Handbook
  • Provide on-going support of MIGs as appropriate throughout the year
  • Support Career Center activities at the annual conference, and as appropriate, throughout the year
  • Support the NAFSA Awards Program, according to guidelines established by the Board. Make recommendations to the Board for specified awards: Life Membership, Homer Higbee, and the Rising Star Young Leader

Current Membership Engagement Committee Leadership

Anita V. Gaines
Chair, Membership Engagement Committee
University of Houston

Heidi Gregori-Gahan
Awards Subcommittee Chair
University of Southern Indiana

Patricia I. Jones
Western Illinois University

Diane E. Elton
Member at Large

Megan C. Lawther McCarthy
Member at Large
The Ohio State University-Columbus

Dianne Price
Member at Large

Ashley T. Simmons
Member at Large
University of Kentucky

Alice Siqin Yang, PhD
Member at Large
Saint Mary's College

Erika Rohrbach
Diversity Adviser
Fashion Institute of Technology

Mariama Boney
Staff Partner
NAFSA Office

Regais Wilson
Staff Partner
NAFSA Office

You can contact the Membership Engagement Committee at